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The Show
The show last night was great.  It was at the Brooklyn Waterfront in Williamsburg.  I swear Brooklyn is looking more like Manhattan every day.  I miss the old Brooklyn.  Ken and I used to go to raves in the factory buildings in Williamsburg - the Cat's Head was one I particularly remember - wild.  I had friends who lived there in 89 and the early 90's, it was definitely the fringes - think Johnny Suede, yeah that's the Williamsburg I know. 

Read Clip
"As the momentum builds, ambitions and liabilities increase, and impromptu events soon outgrow studios and begin to migrate to the waterfront. Cat's Head, an "interdisciplinary rave happening" is so notorious that word spreads though the international underground, and its organizers are invited to re-create it in Dublin, Ireland. Other mass actions like Lizard Tail and Fly Trap keep the energy flowing and begin the process for a more sustained scheme, something with a legally sanctioned location."

But they made a nice open space on the water.  The stage faced the city so the musicians kept commenting how how awesome it was to play in varying stages of sunset looking over Manhattan.  It was beautiful.

There were three bands.  The first one sounded like my cousin Skip James was the lead singer.  They were good when they sang their own songs, they were a decent punk band and the singer sounded like John Doe from X a little bit, but he tried to cover some rock songs and he was way out of tune and didn't know the lyrics and it was pretty bad.  They had a song about getting drunk and calling in sick to work.  I swear, it could have been Skip.  I haven't heard his music but the voice and the stories were like him.

The next band was Against Me.  I'd only heard "I was a teenage anarchist" on the radio and of course loved the song.  They were a really tight bar punk band.  Matt said they reminded him of a lighter version of The Drop Kick Murphys.  The thing that bugs me is this 'woah-oh-oh' chorus thing all these bands like Cold Play, Kings of Leon are doing.  They did that and it annoyed me because it was unnecessary.  It was tight and a bit raucous.  I liked them a lot.

Silversun Pickups was awesome.  We couldn't see very well with the general admission.  They had some sound issues when they first started, some mike reverb but then they fixed it.  I just can't get enough of this band.  I love how the songs transition, the creshendo tension that builds and releases and the lyrics are amazing.  And of course having a good scream in the right place as to not be indulgent.  They are tight and everything really well thought out in all their songs.  And the drummer is amazing!!!!

So when I started thinking about music and lyrics and how important they are for a band like Silversun Pickups, it makes me sad.  I miss record albums so much.  I miss record stores too - the smell, the browsing, finding new music to listen to just by seeing the album cover, reading some liner notes and giving it a spin and being pleasantly surprised.  Then reading the lyrics included in the sleeve and listening over and over until it feels comfortable like your favorite pair of jeans and it becomes your friend.  That doesn't happen in this digital age.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love technology but I miss old school too.  Anyway, I want to be sitting in my room at the house I grew up in, sitting in the dark with my headphones on listening to Silversun Pickups over and over.  They're that good.  I bet they sound amazing on vinyl.

Oh and The Royal We - the best breakup song ever.



2010-06-28 06:34 pm (UTC)

I was at the show - what a great review. Well said.

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